The University Of California, Berkely- Providing World-Class Education

The University of California, Berkely is regarded as one of the finest state universities in the United States. It is a private research institute embarked on providing a guaranteed world-class education to its students. It was founded in 1868. Berkeley’s creation originated from a vision in the state constitution of a university that would “contribute even more than California’s gold to the glory and happiness of advancing generations.” Berkely’s colors, blue and gold were chosen in 1873. The blue indicates California’s ocean and sky but also the yale university graduates who helped in the foundation of this institute. Whereas gold indicates the “Golden State” of California. The university is located in San Francisco’s Bay Area. It is home to about 27,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 postgraduate students.


California University has remarkedly been producing the best of graduates in town. Its highly intellectual and competent students rule the world. Be it politics, sports or governmental positions, students of California University are breaking records. The finest of people graduate from Berkely. It offers a wide range of areas for students to master in. The research contribution it is making in the field of education is commendable around the world. In the field of physics, chemistry, and economics, Berkely’s faculty have won Nobel Prizes. The recent Nobel Prize brought home by, Saul Perlmutter in the area of physics in 2011. Students at Berkely California University has many inspirations and role models to look up to. 


Notable alumni belonging to Berkely include novelist and journalist Jack London, Oscar-winning actor Gregory Peck, former prime minister and president of Pakistan Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, author Joan Didion, and Women’s World Cup-winning US footballer Alex Morgan. Berkely University in California has a tradition of political activism. The botanical garden established in 1980 at the university is an attraction for students. California Memorial Stadium used about 60,000 capacity by a university sports team. The golden bear is the symbol of Berkley’s sports team. Sports has brought immense worth for Berkley University as recently it earned 17 medals – 11 gold, one silver, and five bronze.


If you are looking for developing academic knowledge and growth in confidence. Berkley is the place for you. It polishes students in order to shine brightest among the world professionals. The research advancements in the Berkely University of California are commendable. It has own worth worldwide. The historical success of students passed out from California University Berkely is an example.