Best Universities In California

Explore the best universities set out by the Wall Street Journal of California and the data gathered through Times Higher Education.


California has it all: great sunshine, perfect beaches, light cities, high mountains and some of the world’s prestigious universities. From the Hollywood Showbiz Whirl to Silicon Valley’s latest innovation, California is the birthplace of culture and technology spread throughout the world.


Known as “Golden State,” California has always promised freedom and wealth after the gold rush in the mid-1800s. The state creates a major destination for foreign students for a quiet, welcoming reputation and powerhouse sector.

In California, there are beautiful and varied landscapes from the western coast of Sierra Nevada, on the Pacific coast on the west and from the mighty North Redwood forest to the south, the majestic desert southwest of Mojave Desert.

Internet, personal computers, movie industries and hippie counter-culture everyone has values ​​in California and the state is a generous, inventive place that welcomes new people and new ideas.

The California State University System is the largest with approximately 430,000 students in the country. In the state, there are world-class public and private universities including Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, University of California, University of California, Los Angeles and the University of California, Berkeley.

California’s Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education US College Rankings are the best universities based on 2019.